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Strategic business intelligence, crazy good design and cutting-edge technology that propels your business forward. Helping your company navigate an ever-changing digital terrain is Ascedia's area of expertise. So whether it's defining your online marketing strategy, designing a website or building a customized app, we have a rock solid team of people with business know-how and the right tools to deliver winning solutions.


Digital Strategy

Ascedia will develop a customized digital roadmap that aligns with your business goals, budget and timeline. Our holistic approach to strategy involves close collaboration with your stakeholders to listen and understand, then craft a digital strategy that will keep your organization on track and on budget.

Think Big


Truly successful design is a direct result of the following: a comprehensive understanding of your business and end user goals and the ability to stay two steps ahead of the current digital trends and best practices. With this in mind, we craft a creative strategy best suited for your business. Our work is led by research (not just the hottest trends) and strives to engage your target audience and influence a positive overall user experience.

Sketch It

Web Development

The term “cookie-cutter” isn’t part of our vocabulary. We take a customized approach that fits your business needs and the unique requirements of your project. Whether it’s a mobile app, content management system or another custom solution, our forward-thinking team uses the latest technology to help you prepare for the future and keep pace with the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Make It Real


A few words with big impact: We maximize your digital footprint using data-driven strategies to grow your business. A cycle of monitoring, measuring, evaluating and re-evaluating allows us to tweak and fine tune our approach to ensure the best possible results for you.

Get Results
augmented reality agency


Augmented reality and virtual reality has tremendous potential, and the investment doesn’t have to be as staggering as the impact of stepping into a virtual world will be on your users. Devices are becoming increasingly affordable which makes implementing training programs, sales tools, and other interactive experiences within reach for 2018. We can help you leverage this new technology to support your business initiatives.

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