How To Launch A Salsa Brand

XX min
Sep 19, 2022

This pod episode gets a Scoville rating of 20,000! For sure!

In episode #56 we sit down with the Hein family to talk about launching a salsa brand.

I couldn’t wait to talk to the team because this topic…well…is fascinating to me.

As you can imagine the salsa world is a pretty busy space. There are plenty of start-ups. And of course, you have the big-name players. It’s tough for sure.

That’s just the competitive side.

There’s also the supply-chain part. Getting the ingredients, jars, labels, etc…

It’s crazy!



And despite all these speed bumps…this team is pulling it off. Sales have been growing steadily. And this looks to be their best year yet.

So, find out how they are doing it.

This episode is ideal, if you are looking to launch your own product — you’ll find a ton of relevant info here.

But even if you have a product and want greater market share there are some great insights for you!

Have a listen. Let me know what you think!