Big Brands Convo with Chad Dern, VP of Marketing @ Steinhafels

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Feb 20, 2023


Episode #68 with Chad Dern

Get comfy and grab a couple of cold ones. In episode #68 of Over a Pint Podcast, Chad Dern is in the house and we're getting key marketing insights based on his impressive experience in the game. His resume is what many of us dream about. Hell, just one of these companies would be awesome. Here are some of Chad's achievements: 

  •  8 years at Leo Burnett
  •  8 years at Miller/Coors
  •  7 years as Brand Director at Northwestern Mutual
  •  VP of Marketing at Steinhafels


What We're Covering

We sit down with this Yoda of marketing to learn about: 

  • What it was like to be at Miller/Coors
  • His experience at Northwestern Mutual
  • What it was like to market a home furniture business during COVID
  • The Steinhafels rollout in Chicago
  • His frameworks for marketing success


If you wanna say hello to Chad you can reach out to him here


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