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A new visual identity to mark the next chapter in Ascedia’s story.

The year 2020 brought about significant transformations for our team, impacting both our personal and professional lives (and we completely understand the desire to not beat a dead horse about 2020). Since then, we've successfully navigated the shift to a remote/hybrid work culture, introducing improvements to our internal processes, all while delivering exceptional results for our clients. We are thrilled to embrace this change as a natural milestone in Ascedia’s history by unveiling our new visual identity. 

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Through our revamped processes, we've fostered greater collaboration among all team members, and we've enhanced the coherence of our design and development efforts through the implementation of design systems.

Our new visual identity draws inspiration from the bold and impactful aesthetics of the brutalism of the early 00’s (Ascedia was founded in 2000) while also paying homage to our agency's history, rooted in development and digital expertise. Guided by our history, we've carefully curated a visual identity that not only respects our past but also propels us into a new chapter, reflecting the evolution of our agency. 

We extend our thanks and gratitude to our clients for their continued partnership, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve new clients who are right around the corner, ready to embark on this exciting journey with us.

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Our clients exist on a wide spectrum of industries but over the last 25+ years, we’ve settled our roots into tourism, manufacturing, and higher education.

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