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Build Brand Trust with Smart Web Design and UX


Your digital presence is an integral tool for your communications, change management, and public relations. We helped Versiti, now an affiliation of four community partners, reintroduce their organization with value-added resources and minimal disruption for their Blood Health community.


The Challenge

Versiti is an affiliation of BloodCenter of Wisconsin, Heartland Blood Centers, Indiana Blood Center, and Michigan Blood. Versiti’s website needed to be the centralized location for all partner information. The challenge? To honor and preserve each partner's distinct local brand and audience needs. Blood Health patients, students, and healthcare partners rely on each site for donations, research, and news. It was crucial that Versiti's website would be in sync with each partner's data sources and easy to navigate.

UX Strategy

First, we had to identify clear user personas and user journeys that could apply to all four brands. We narrowed it down to donors, students/ researchers, and medical professionals. Based on this, our UX design clearly identified those paths with section headers as well as the language. For example, the donor pages used a more conversational tone while the researcher areas were more technical.

Content Personalization

To build out this tailored experience, we moved Versiti’s site to Kentico EMS. We used Kentico’s geolocation and content personalization features to serve dynamic content based on a user’s IP address. For example, a visitor located in Michigan would only be served Michigan Blood branding and imagery (visitors also had the option to self-select other partner pages if they wanted). 

Content Administration

The move to Kentico drastically improved content administration too. In addition, we implemented Kentico smart widgets to serve up documents, articles, and FAQs relevant to the content on each page. With the targeted categories and document repository structure, administrators can easily find and manage all the data shared between the four partners. In addition, UX design was clean and modular, e.g., image on the left, text on the right, so that any admin could feel confident in their design and execution. 


The most important piece for Versiti was diagnostics lab integration from other databases. A section of their site gave up-to-date blood donation fulfillment needs, for example "We Urgently Need XX% Platelets." This data is managed from several different systems and Kentico pulls it all together. 


We chose Kentico with content personalization in mind. With four distinct brands under one Versiti umbrella, Kentico allowed each community to connect with their unique audience in an authentic way—and easily find the information that pertained to their region. In addition, Versiti saw the following results soon after launch, all indicating that visitors were comfortable finding what they needed and engaging with the new brand image:

Additional Highlights


"Donate Blood" Button Clicks


Diagnostic Lab Form Downloads


High Traffic

Over 8 million sessions in the first few months of launch

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