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Interactive Seasonal Reports

Travel Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Fall Color Report engages visitors by connecting to meaningful experiences. Ascedia transformed Travel Wisconsin’s app from informative to engaging by encouraging content contributions.

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The Challenge

The Travel Wisconsin’s Fall  Color  Report is an interactive map is a planning tool for visitors to find the best times and locations for viewing  fall  colors. While the report was informative and useful, it was time to take it to the next level by allowing users to share their own experiences.

Fresher Content

Ascedia partnered with 70+ very passionate official color reporters from around the State of Wisconsin, to provide daily fall color reports and promoted area photos.

Professional and amateur photographers enjoying Wisconsin's fall regularly contribute beautiful compositions. Contributors are allowed to date, name, and tag a location in Wisconsin for each photo they submit.

Happy Users

During each Wisconsin fall season, The Wisconsin Department of Tourism team actively curates and promotes the best user submitted photos across and social media.

Fall Color Report users benefit from fresh submitted photos overlaid on a map of Wisconsin. They can collectively rate photos, and share them on social.

Administration of the Fall Color Report couldn't be easier. Notifications and submission controls for system administrators help them manage and approve daily visitor photo contributions.


The Travel Wisconsin Fall Color Report is a big hit and has quickly become the most shared section on the website:


  • 1 million visits!
  • Mobile visits up 200%
  • Tablet visits up 139%
  • Desktop visits up 7%
  • 143,691 partner referrals
  • Top viewed page in Fall (September-November)
  • 626,398 pageviews, up 167%
  • Nearby content activity up 88%
  • 222 photos submitted
  • +5,600 pageviews for shared photos & reports
  • 970 social shares (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)

The report earned four Communicator Awards:

  • Communicator Gold Award of Excellence for Homepage Design 
  • Communicator Gold Award of Excellence for Structure & Navigation
  • Communicator Gold Award of Excellence for Visual Appeal
  • Communicator Silver Award of Distinction for Government websites 

Communicator Award 4 Communicator Gold Awards of Excellence!



Mobile Visits

Mobile visitors to the redesigned Fall Color Report up 200%!


More Social Shares

970 Social Shares and 5,600+ page views for shared photos and reports


Increase in Nearby Activity

The Fall Report activity also increased link clicks to nearby dining, lodging, and things to do on the map by 88%.


Increased Pageviews

167% increase in Fall Color Report page views, a total of 626,398!

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