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Digital Marketing for Niche Audiences

MetalTek International

MetalTek targets customers who know their stuff. The kind of customers who use search terms like “ASM 81259” to find a specific alloy grade. Ascedia ensures MetalTek’s digital advertising zeroes in on each potential customer’s needs to move them toward purchase.


The Challenge

MetalTek has an enormous catalogue of alloys for niche applications, from aerospace to weather technology. However, their site was neither easy to find nor easy to search through. They needed to cut any distraction from the customer journey.

Triangulating SEO, PPC, and UX

Ascedia improved the overall health of MetalTek’s website, performing content audits, writing metadata, and conducting keyword research and optimization.

Next, we focused on content personalization of the site for MetalTek’s extremely granular target segments. We developed user personas and journey mapping to ensure that a visitor from the petrochemical industry has a unique experience from a visitor interested in mining and mineral process applications. 

Lastly, we created clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to leverage visitors’ engagement. We built “Ask the Metal Experts,” a contact form to submit general questions, request a quote, or contact a rep.  All these changes, from strategy down to each tactic, provide each visitor a cohesive, personalized experience from search, click, to sale. 


With MetalTek, we proved the value of precision when it comes to targeting, personas, and clear calls-to-action. See how even the most granular details can drive a positive shift in campaign performance.

2018 vs 2017

  • Increased sessions YOY by 21%
  • Increased organic sessions YOY by 17%
    • In particular, we implemented accelerated mobile pages (AMP) that sped up page loads for mobile users. This has increased organic traffic and overall visibility dramatically over the last 6 months.
  • Decreased total errors of the site by 53%
    • Resolved 99% of canonical errors
    • Fixed 99% of image ALT tags that were previously missing
    • Resolved 82% of all meta data errors

  • Increased assisted conversions by 27% across all Paid Search platforms
  • Increased organic clicks and impressions from H1 of 2018 to H2 of 2018
  • Increased clicks by 8.1%
  • Increased impressions by 15.5%
  • Ranked for 10% more keywords 



Increased Assisted Conversions

Increased assisted conversions across all paid search platforms


Increased Organic Sessions

Increased organic sessions YOY; particularly due to implementing accelerated mobile pages (AMP)


Improved Ranking

Ranked for 10% more keywords

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