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How a Small Advertising Team Gained 4.2M Impressions


Cielo, the world's leading strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, hired Ascedia to lead their Pay-Per-Click advertising strategy. As a result, we not only delivered results, but we became a trusted extension of their team.

Cielo - Precision in Digital Advertising

The Challenge

Cielo wanted a PPC campaign that would target new clients in key industries and build brand awareness. Specifically, they aimed to increase PPC advertising conversions and click-through rates. To do this, Cielo’s marketing team needed a dedicated role that could lead the following:

Lead Paid Search Advertising strategy

Assist with SEO growth initiative

Interface with Third-Party vendors

Report performance to leadership

Our Solution

Strategy and Execution

We began with extensive keyword research and restructuring Google Ads and Bing accounts for maximum effectiveness. We then led the creative design for their display campaigns. In addition, we leveraged programmatic media buying using real-time bidding to get placement on select sites. Going beyond Cielo’s original ask, we also recommended a combination of remarketing, behavioral and contextual marketing, and also used content syndication to share thought leadership and generate leads.

Reporting and Vendor Management

To reduce the strain on Cielo’s marketing executives, we became the primary contact for Cielo’s third-party marketing provider. After refining the programming and specifying target accounts, we consolidated all digital marketing data into a single monthly report that could be shared with leadership across the global organization.  


With Ascedia, you get direct access to our team of digital marketing experts. Instead of taking a chance in hiring full-time employees that would need additional time for training and onboarding, Cielo put their trust in us to jump in without missing a beat. In the first year of Cielo’s engagement with us, the campaign saw the following results:

Display Advertising

  • 4.2 million+ impressions 

  • 73,000+ hours of brand exposure 

  • 850% increase in session duration 

  • 50% decrease in average bounce rate 

  • 34% increase in pages per session 

  • 92.51% average in new users 

Search Advertising

  • 114.03% YOY increase in clicks

  • 15% YOY increase in search click-through rate

  • 49% increase in session duration 

  • MOM increases in conversions ranging from +14% to +80%--replace with YOY More than 2 million impressions

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