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Widen + Sitecore Connector

Efficiency is one of the most important aspects of website content management. The Widen + Sitecore Connector allows you choose the way you use your Widen Collective assets from within Sitecore. A timed sync keeps your assets and Sitecore Media Library aligned. Embed codes are easily added to your digital content for hassle-free updates.

How it Works

Users can configure asset groups, asset metadata, and auto sync options for assets synced to the Sitecore Media Library and all asset metadata is stored on the media item directly. 
After each sync, content mangers can see a report  about the sync, including the number of assets added, deleted and updated.  If any errors occurred during the sync, the filename of the asset and an explanation of the error is displayed.

Centralized Source

Say goodbye to duplicate assets. The Widen Sitecore Connector allows you to maintain one central source for all of your digital assets. The connector makes it easy for content managers to easily insert branded assets from your Widen Collective directly in Sitecore.

The Connector Advantage

Empower your marketers to be true brand ambassadors with the ability to control content across channels from just one location.

The connector gives content managers the ability to use your Widen Collective assets without ever leaving the Sitecore platform. Following a create once, publish everywhere  strategy, users can access updated and new files from the Collective automatically with a timed sync to the Sitecore Media Library.

Content managers can use embed codes sourced from the Collective within Sitecore to automatically update files in web pages and other digital content and analyze embedded content’s performance by tracking asset views and downloads, video plays, and more, using the Widen Insights app.

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