How Do You Define Your Audience?

Does the definition of your company’s target audience start with a job title, end with a company’s revenue and have little detail in between?

Are you focusing on a large group instead of an individual?

Or are you crafting your messaging and user experience according to your internal team’s preferences and ideas about what users want?

It’s time to try something new.

Each Persona Represents A Group

By focusing on a set of specific user personas rather than the vague concept of a “target audience,” you’ll be able to craft messaging that speaks to your visitors, put the information they need most front and center, and increase conversions and sales.

Our free white paper, The Beginner’s Guide to User Personas, will help you get started.

We’ll show you:

  • The underlying principles of user personas
  • Key benefits of user personas to help you sell the concept to leadership
  • The five key components of a great persona
  • How to differentiate and define user personas for each of your target audiences
  • A sample persona that puts these principles into action

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