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You need the flexibility and power to bring your unique vision to life. Sitecore is an open-standard, Microsoft-centric product that propels your websites to new heights: giving you complete freedom of choice and a breadth of rich features to create immersive web experiences. Sitecore empowers you to do things your way and deliver measurable results for your target audiences.

Ascedia is a Sitecore Certified Implementation partner. We have numerous trained Sitecore developers on staff with extensive experience delivering successful Sitecore solutions to clients across industries. Our recent Sitecore development projects include Sub-Zero and Wolf, GE Healthcare and Johnson Financial Group.

Ascedia has also built a custom connector to integrate Widen’s asset management system into the administrative UI automating asset management and synchronization inside Sitecore. We’re also one of a select few Coveo for Sitecore partners and have implemented several programs enhancing on-site search achieving optimized content consumption by website users for Ascedia clients.

advantages of sitecore


  • Enterprise-level functionality
  • Highly scalable
  • Full integration with a wide range of existing and future third-party enterprise platforms, including Coveo, Widen, Wistia, Salesforce, Marketo, Clay Tablet and more
  • Integrated e-commerce capabilities 
  • Globalization and multi-language implementation
key features

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use content editor
  • Flexible design capabilities
  • Simple digital asset management
  • Open .NET platform for customized development 
  • Integrated community and social media management
  • Multi-site deployment
sitecore certified solution partner

Ascedia's Sitecore Expertise

  • Systems integration
  • Custom solutions
  • Content migration
  • Enhanced on-site search
  • Award-winning UX
  • Digital marketing services

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