More Than Pretty Pictures.

From brand identity to reimagining a site from the ground up, Ascedia’s approach to web design can be described in a single word: informed. Beyond best practices and design principles, our creative work is influenced by a number of real-world factors including past experience and learnings, integration of our clients’ industry knowledge, and competitive and user research... just to name a few. Our web designers translate strategy into engaging user experiences tailored to meet end user needs and business goals.


Design Services

  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • User Interface Design
  • UX Design
  • Optimized PPC Landing Page Creation
  • Visual Design Systems Creation & Style Tile Exploration
  • Responsive Design
  • iPhone & Android App Design
  • Digital Media & Banner Ad Design
  • 3D Animation & Motion Graphics
  • Video Production
Design Collaboration

Design Collaboration

Good design is not done in a vacuum. At Ascedia, we incorporate you into our creative team of art directors, marketers, strategists and programmers. That team works with a shared purpose and vision crafting the best user experience. Our web designers facilitate this collaboration while filtering out the noise. This allows us to focus on what's important – end users.

Iterative Design Approach

An Iterative Design Approach

Design is never done. Sure, your site or campaign is live but business and user needs will morph over time. By monitoring and optimizing our work, we help you stay ahead of the curve. We add content, design new features and facilitate a continuous dialogue with users. Because the digital landscape is always changing, we position you to easily change with it. Ascedia does this by creating a visual language for your brand a library of elements and patterns that allows you to add features and content without having to rethink the visual identity. Need to build an app or explore a new channel? By using this library as a starting point, you can dream up a new section or initiative quickly while keeping consistent with style and visual brand.

iPhone & Android App Design

iPhone & Android App Design

Designing for small screens and an on-the-go audience is just as much art as it is science. We have designed a wide range of native mobile apps, from straightforward, easy-to-use tools with basic functionality to innovative, unique apps that push the envelope. 

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

With so many different devices on the market, it’s impossible to ignore the need for responsive design. As a user switches from laptop to tablet to smartphone, their website experience should remain consistent across devices. Ascedia’s creative team creates device-agnostic designs that can be managed as a single site, rather than spending additional time and money developing separate sites for different platforms. Because new devices and screen sizes hit the market frequently, we build for the future to ensure that your site will easily adapt.