It's Not Just Fun and Games

Augmented reality and virtual reality technology are the next level of brand experience and offer benefits to all areas of your business. Ascedia has mastered emerging development technologies and creates highly realistic, innovative augmented reality and virtual reality experiences for clients across industries.

46% faster

Real Business Benefits

Immersive technology isn't just for gaming -- augmented reality and virtual reality can help improve productivity and results across your organization. At GE Healthcare, a warehouse worker receiving a new picklist order through augmented reality completed the task 46% faster than when using the standard process. (Harvard Business Review)

  • Increased visibility with clients
  • More engaged training
  • Improved internal and external communication
  • Less costly remote learning and development
  • More effective marketing
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved collaboration
healthcare augmented reality

Consider the Possibilities

Augmented reality and virtual reality have tremendous potential, and the investment doesn’t have to be as staggering as the impact of stepping into a virtual world will be on your users. Devices are becoming increasingly affordable which makes implementing training programs, sales tools, and other interactive experiences within reach for 2018. In fact, implementing these programs can save your company money in the long run. Consider the impact of:

  • Conducting diagnostics or procedures remotely using AR/VR
  • Training employees or clients using step-by-step overlays to create a hands-on experience instead of handing them a book
  • Showing your products or facilities to trade show or event visitors - rather than telling them
  • Using an immersive experience to enable visitors to get a true sense of your tourism destination rather than showing them still photos on a website
  • Giving customers a look at how your product fits into their worksite or office space
  • Allowing workers to access training guides or other resources using smart glasses so their hands remain free
augmented reality app

Our Capabilities

Ascedia’s team is skilled in augmented reality, virtual reality, and 360 photography and 360 video.

  • Augmented Reality: We can develop tools that enable users to overlay an image on a view of the real world, placing objects or information within the world they already inhabit.
  • Virtual Reality: We can create a fully immersive experience to place viewers in a completely different environment. 
  • 360 Video and 360 Photography: Using the latest technology, we are able to capture spherical photos and videos that enrich the viewing experience.
immersive technology development platforms

Development Platforms

Ascedia uses the latest development technologies to create experiences that can be viewed on any platform or device. We can develop custom mobile apps or create content that can be embedded on your website.

  • Xamarin
  • Unity Engine
  • Vuforia
  • ARKit 
  • ARCore
  • Unreal Engine
  • A-Frame