Zilli Hospitality Group

Giving Users a Fresh Digital Venue


Zilli Hospitality Group (ZIlli) engaged Ascedia to develop a clear, professional and innovative online user experience that accurately portrays the company and its vast array of venues and services. Ascedia developed a digital strategy to showcase Zilli as a leader in hospitality in Wisconsin while driving sales, sharing knowledge and integrating social media.


Simplified Search for Venue-Seekers

Ascedia created a custom design that showcased the company’s size and capabilities with a clean, fresh, updated look. We also integrated the website into a WordPress CMS so that Zilli could easily manage their site. Zilli is able to easily update venues, add new content, embed media, rewrite URLs and update meta data. The site design lets Zilli "lead by example" using customer and partner showcases, case studies and awards.

Ascedia reconfigured the site navigation to help users easily find the most relevant information: wedding planning, venues, bios and corporate events. Users can easily filter their venue search according to event type -- wedding reception vs. corporate or group events -- and the venue pages include deeper content that showcase each location's unique features. Ascedia also integrated Zilli's social channels into the site, including Flick’r, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, a WordPress blog and online chat functionality, and developed a single form that can be used for all inquiries on Zilli's many venues and services.


Continually Fresh Content

Zilli’s site is now a one-stop source for customers to explore venues, ideas and services. The redesigned site demonstrates why Zilli is a leader in hospitality in Wisconsin, and by providing Zilli's team with an easy-to-use content management system, Ascedia made it simple for Zilli to keep their content fresh -- and exceed site visitor expectations.