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For just under 50 years, customers have been relying on Berg's engineering services and staff of specialists to provide technical assistance with their precision components design and product application requirements. From the belts in your everyday printer to the high precision gears used in medical diagnostic equipment, to the durability requirements of robotics and telecommunications, WM Berg supplies precision components to industries worldwide.

WM Berg needed a responsive website to serve its global customers and support engineers in their quest to find content quickly.

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Fully Responsive for On-the-Go Users

Content management was a challenge for WM Berg’s marketing team, and the site’s structure made it difficult to keep information up-to-date and easy for visitors to access. Ascedia stepped in to develop a best-in-class website and comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would serve up the most relevant content in the formats that on-the-go customers were looking for.

Ascedia recommended the Kentico content management system to support the new site’s structure. Strategic planning revealed high-priority features and functionality that would immediately improve the user experience, and allowed the team to create a phased project plan to address future enhancements. Ascedia used Kentico’s portal engine to build the site, which gave WM Berg’s team a great deal of flexibility when creating their content. 

They have the ability to drag and drop widgets onto certain pages and create new templates on the fly to align with their campaign needs. The team has a wide variety of page styles at their fingertips and can use different combinations of design elements to create effective content and make easily tweak it for maximum effectiveness. The product catalog allows users to filter search results by attribute, and Ascedia also developed a custom quote request form where users can add desired items to a “cart” which is then submitted to WM Berg’s sales team for follow-up.

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Immediate Impact

As part of the overall strategy, Ascedia optimized the site and set up a consistent reporting program so the marketing team could track campaign success and continually refine the site’s content. By refining the site’s URL strategy, Ascedia simplified analytics and enabled WM Berg to more easily track lead generation and other key metrics.

Since the site’s launch:

  • Pageviews are up 79%
  • Unique pageviews are up 81%
  • Bounce rate is down 17%
  • Average session duration is up 35%
  • Exit rate is down 45%