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The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) is funded entirely by Wisconsin’s dairy farmers, with a goal of increasing sales and consumption of Wisconsin milk and dairy products. You’ve probably seen the Wisconsin Cheese seal on the best cheeses your local store has to offer.  WMMB knew that promoting the world’s best cheese requires a world-class website, one built on a solid foundation of research and a users-first mentality. Enter Ascedia.

educate entertain entice

Educate, Entertain and Entice

Through a comprehensive discovery process, Ascedia identified the three fundamental tasks the content of the new Wisconsin Cheese website must perform to achieve the overarching objective of driving sales and interest in Wisconsin Cheese. These tasks are to educate, entertain, and entice. By developing a strategy based on a hierarchical ranking of all features and content based on how effectively they perform these three tasks, Ascedia was able to formulate site architecture and design.

great recipes great ux

Great Recipes Deserve Great UX

A successful Wisconsin Cheese website relies on a robust and enticing collection of recipes, which WMMB had in spades. Ascedia used the recipe section as an opportunity to integrate sensory enticement with an excellent user interface. Mouth-watering food photography and logically-structured recipe content gets the user hungry, while mobile-friendly ingredients checklists help them gather what they need. Easy-to-read cooking instructions help both amateur and experienced chefs prepare these game-changing dishes, and intuitive social sharing helps them spread the word to friends and family.

fun to learn

Making Learning Fun

With immersive cheese profile pages, an animated cheese tutorial and pages designed for organic browsing, it is easy to go down a cheesy rabbit hole exploring all the Eat Wisconsin Cheese site has to offer. While recipes and flavor profiles are a top priority, the organization also offers Master Cheesemaker certifications according to the highest of standards. The site offers an introduction to the program along with a basic overview of the cheese making process to help visitors understand the science behind the art.

agency partnership

Seamless Collaboration with Agency Partners

Not only did Ascedia provide creative and marketing strategy for the Wisconsin Cheese website, we provided ongoing support and collaboration with Skyline Technologies, WMMB’s development partner. The teams worked closely together to make Ascedia’s digital vision a reality. Together Ascedia and Skyline have delivered a world-class website, one that is truly worthy to promote the world’s best cheese.