WennSoft.com: Powered by Sitecore CMS


WennSoft sought a major site overhaul with dynamic elements: multicultural support, content automation, reporting capabilities, easy navigation setup and  plug-and-play features including sidebar callouts and the ability to customize through the code. Using Sitecore, a well-known .NET-based product in the CMS marketplace, Ascedia was able to meet all of WennSoft's requirements and transition the primarily static site to a fully CMS-powered solution.

User Validation

User Validation System Integraton

One challenge faced was integrating a user validation system via a web service into the Sitecore solution. WennSoft had a previously developed web service that allowed user information to be validated against their internal system. The purpose of this was to have a central location for maintaining their customer and partner information.  This needed to be integrated into the Sitecore code base so that it worked with the Sitecore user permissions structure to ensure proper access was given to validated customers and partners. The end result brought together Sitecore features with the custom middle-tier layer that communicated with a third-party web service for validation.

Custom Features

Custom Features

While features continue to be added to the WennSoft site, the web site is rich in information and imagery with an easy-to-use CMS that allows content editors full access to all the content on the site. There is a custom product selector tool that is integrated with data stored in Sitecore and written with jQuery and AJAX to help customers identify the product that is right for them based on a question and answer matrix. The homepage slider allows for content editors to keep current and relevant content called out for the initial site visit. The login-protected customer and partner portals contain product downloads and documentation history that is maintained through the Sitecore CMS.

key features

Key Features

  • Sitecore CMS-driven
  • Login protected areas for customers and partners with validation against a third party web service connecting to a separate WennSoft system
  • Custom product selector tool
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Mobile-optimized