von Briesen & Roper, s.c.

Unequalled Creativity, Absolute Partnership


Ascedia and von Briesen & Roper have been partners for more than 12 years. Throughout this time, Ascedia assisted von Briesen with website projects, hosting, print ad development and branding services. Recently, von Briesen engaged Ascedia to create a responsive website that would provide an easier path for users to find key information. 

custom cms

Custom CMS for Easy Content Management

To assist von Briesen with creating dynamic content site-wide, Ascedia built a custom CMS to manage information such as practice areas, attorney bios, legal updates, news and events. von Briesen also has the ability to create and edit attorney bios as well as create practice area-specific bios for attorneys that specialize in more than one area. This gives von Briesen the ability to provide even more unique and specific content on the site. The new website is fully responsive and fully optimized for SEO and integrated with Google Analytics.  

More Traffic, More Connections

In the first year after launch, overall visits and unique users have increased significantly. The redesign led to:

  • 28% increase in unique visitors
  • 59% increase in organic traffic
  • 28% increase in mobile and tablet traffic