Universal Travel Industry Sales

Optimizing Email Marketing

universal email

Universal Travel Industry Sales (TIS), Universal Group Sales (Youth) and Universal Meetings and Events send monthly emails to their B2B contact lists. They wanted to increase user engagement for these emails and make sure that they were sending emails to valid active subscribed users. Ascedia set out to update Universal's email template and clean up their email lists.

Universal Email

A Clean Contact List + Subject Line Testing = Improved Open Rates

To remove outdated contacts, Ascedia started by sending opt-in emails to collect those email addresses that were truly active. We redesigned Universal's email template to better match their brand and include improved call-outs and mobile and sharing options. To further increase user engagement, our marketing services team ran A/B tests on subject lines for each mailing and deployed the better-performing subject line to the rest of the segment to improve open rates. Emails were also sent out during peak B2B times between Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Universal Results

Above-Average Engagement

The average open rate and average click through rate for Universal Travel's monthly newsletter were higher than the average travel industry emails. (Most industry emails have an average open rate of 20% and an average click-through rate of 2.77%). From August 2013 – January 2014, the new email template drove significant results for Universal Travel's monthly newsletter:

  • Average Delivery Rate: 95.71% 
  • Average Open Rate: 29.94%
  • Average Click-Through Rate: 10.78% 

Universal's Group Sales monthly newsletter also had a higher than average click-through rate than typical travel industry emails. From August 2013 – January 2014:

  • Average Delivery Rate: 98.53%
  • Average Click-Through Rate: 8.75%

The success didn't stop there: Universal’s Meeting & Events monthly newsletter average click through rate was also higher than industry average. From August 2013 – January 2014:

  • Average Delivery Rate: 88.60%
  • Average Click-Through Rate: 10.00% 

By paying close attention to analytics and A/B testing results, we gained insights on which subject lines were working and determined that emails with videos for new attractions saw the most success. An email sent in January 2014 had an incredible impact:

  • Delivery rate: 95.04%
  • Unique open rate: 32.22%
  • Total open rate: 80.80%
  • Unique Click-Through Rate: 22.04%
  • Total Click-Through Rate: 12.19%