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A summer campaign to bring visitors to the great state of Wisconsin required an integrated approach to bridge the gap between television, print, social and display advertising. Ascedia worked with Laughlin Constable to create a seamless transition between online and offline campaign elements, using a common element: The Thompson Family.

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An Interactive Planning Experience

Ascedia devised a scrapbook-like page that gave visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the vacation traditions of the Thompson family and gain inspiration to plan their own trip to Wisconsin. The page focuses on how multiple generations experience an annual family vacation to a cabin and includes a profile of the cabin owner to showcase one of the many small business owners throughout the state.

For the Thompsons, the vacation experience begins long before they arrive at the cabin. The scrapbook page integrates Bing Maps to show the route each generation takes to the family cabin and highlights places they like to stop along the way. These routes are fully-controlled through the CMS, eliminating complex administration and allowing authors to easily modify content throughout the season. Ascedia also integrated 360° video, which allows users to explore the lake and its surroundings to get a better idea of the area. 

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Summer Vacation... and Beyond

Ascedia worked closely with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism and Laughlin Constable to develop the interactive scrapbook in alignment with the other campaign materials and messaging. Our team created a template that allows the Department of Tourism to easily expand the concept to incorporate other storytelling videos and showcase real-life stories of travel traditions that will inspire other visitors to plan their own trips.

In the first few months after launch, traffic to the page has grown steadily:

  • Pageviews: 27,586
  • Unique Pageviews: 25,364
  • Average Time on Page: 2:37 -- which is 117% higher than the site average!