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The Fermentorium, a craft brewery located in Cedarburg, Wis., creates both traditional and innovative limited-run beers in a small-town setting. The taproom provides a gathering place for locals and gives beer enthusiasts an opportunity to try the brewmaster's latest creations. The Fermentorium needed a web presence to attract guests and promote their unique offering in the crowded craft-beer marketplace, and partnered with Ascedia to build a flexible site that enables them to continually offer new information to their customers.

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Building a Reputation, One Pixel At A Time

The brewery wanted to have the site up and running prior to their grand opening so that they could build hype in the community and start building brand recognition. The Fermentorium website needed to provide a variety of content for its visitors, from detailed information on each of its craft brews to an overview of its tap room (including a current tap list). Basic operations information, like hours, address and contact information, was paramount. 

Because the operations team was busy getting the brewery up and running, The Fermentorium was seeking a development company with Kentico experience so that their team could take a more hands-off approach with the project. 

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Flexibility is the Key to Success

The Fermentorium was a brand new operation, and while the site was being developed, the brewery itself was under construction and preparing for the grand opening. The Ascedia team worked directly with their designer and president to build out basic pages and sections for the opening, with the knowledge that the site would need to continue to grow over time.

An agile project management approach helped keep the project moving along. Ascedia remained flexible throughout the project and was building out multiple sections and pages at a time. This allowed the team to easily adapt to changes in scope and shifting priorities as the brewery opening approached. The site was built out in phases and released as sections were completed, so a basic site was launched early on and additional supporting pages were added on an ongoing basis.

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Kentico: Easy Updates for an Evolving Site

Kentico was selected for this project due to its ease of implementation and scalability. The seven-week build included:

  • A visually-engaging home page to establish brand voice and entice visitors
  • Helpful Tasting room information for guests
  • An “Our Beers” section to describe the product offering
  • An “About Us” section to provide background information for the operations staff

The next phase of development involved adding more content to the site to attract more visitors to the brewery, including an Events section, a Contact Us page and various home page and template enhancements.

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Driving Online and In-Person Traffic

The Fermentorium website has played a major role in driving new guests to the taproom and expanding the presence of the new brewery in Southeastern Wisconsin. The brewery leverages social media to drive additional traffic to the site, where visitors can learn more about the current beers on tap and buy tickets for upcoming events.

In the first four months after launch, the site has seen:

  • Significant site traffic, with over 9,000 sessions and 34,000 pageviews
  • High engagement rates with 3.67 average page views per session and an average session duration of 1.37 minutes, with a low bounce rate of 46%
  • Consistent audience growth, with 73% of sessions from new visitors
  • A broad demographic including not only local visitors but those looking to travel from neighboring cities – 17% from Chicago, Ill. and 12% from Milwaukee, Wis.

Additional enhancements were rolled out in June 2016, which drove additional traffic month-over-month:

  • Sessions increased 48%
  • Users increased 36%
  • Pageviews increased 48%