Sub-Zero and Wolf

A Digital Delicacy

Sub-Zero and Wolf engaged with Ascedia to create a new digital home that would act as both a showcase for the brand's finest kitchen appliances and an inspiration source for visitors looking to create their dream kitchen. Up to the challenge, Ascedia began its digital journey to create a standout site.


A Recipe for Success

Sub-Zero and Wolf, a leading manufacturer of luxury kitchen appliances, named Ascedia its digital agency of record in 2011. Our first order of business was fixing the broken, in order to build a strong digital foundation and even stronger online presence. Ascedia's team addressed structural issues and tackled tracking and consumer usability. This foundational work led to enhanced brand awareness, increased consumer engagement and, ultimately, increased sales.

In 2013, Ascedia built a new responsive website from the ground up. Through Ascedia's discovery phase, the team defined and prioritzied goals and KPIs and outlined specific requirements. The process involved outlining features and audiences and defining the development of a responsive platform, scalable to support new brand product lines and expanded e-commerce and globalization. Project goals included:

  • Improve international support and control
  • Increase satisfaction
  • Acquire 360° audience and consumer insights
  • Increase category leadership
  • Increase product sales
  • Increase showroom visits
  • Increase high-quality leads
  • Increase marketing efficiency
  • Increase audience participation 
  • Create seamless partner integration
  • Increase online audience
  • Support business continuation

Meeting Site Goals + Meeting Users' Needs = Website Magic

Sub-Zero and Wolf's site required a unique approach to provide custom content for its diverse set of target audiences. When we say diverse, we're not exaggerating: visitors range from early purchase decision influencers including architects, designers and contractors, to the brand's channel distribution partners and dealer networks, to its high-end consumer base. 

Sub-Zero and Wolf's site content, navigation and user experience needed to be efficient to maintain, version and serve to multiple personas. An enterprise content management solution that would integrate with existing enterprise systems (and keep pace with their inevitable evolution) while remaining easily scalable over time was key.

Ascedia developed a path map to provide a high-res look at how we planned to meet users’ needs and achieve site goals. Every feature was categorized by audience (shopper, owner or trade) and was vetted to ensure it provided value on the new site. If a feature was identified as a “trap feature,” it was eliminated. The path map became a guide and reference for developing the site and user experience and is still used today to evaluate new ideas and opportunities. 


Create Once, Publish Everywhere (C.O.P.E.)

C.O.P.E. was a guiding principle during the development of the new Sub-Zero and Wolf website. Throughout the development process, we looked for opportunities to eliminate redundant tasks and create truly adaptive content that could be created once, yet easily published in multiple places with a single click. This resulted in thrilling efficiency, squeezed more value from existing systems and created a platform ripe for new opportunities.

This strategy enabled responsive design that was managed as a single site instead of two. APIs created  seamless integration with many other systems, including digital asset management, a partner portal, multiple CRMs and more. We created a Sitecore DMS workflow to match the new process and used product API to provide a single source of data for applications. Next, we'll use this platform as a springboard for new international sites, which are currently sitting on separate platforms. 


Sitecore : A Strong Solution Today and Tomorrow

Ascedia chose Sitecore for its enterprise-grade reputation, scalability and ability to integrate with a wide range of existing and future third-party enterprise platforms. We also implemented Sitecore's partner technology, Coveo, for the initial redesign launch to accelerate search results and enhance the user experience for all of Sub-Zero and Wolf's personas. Ascedia will expand Sitecore usage in Phase 2 to facilitate globalization of content for additional languages.


Complete Integration with Enterprise Systems

Sitecore also provided the ability to easily integrate with existing enterprise systems and scale over time. At launch, the Sub-Zero and Wolf sites were fully integrated with:

  • Widen Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Wistia Video Content Distribution Network (CDN)
  • Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketo marketing automation platform
  • Coveo enterprise onsite search solution

Improved E-commerce For Buyer and Seller

Sitecore’s e-commerce capabilities made UX upgrades to the Sub-Zero and Wolf's online store more effective. The new experience will decrease offline customer support traffic while increasing customer satisfaction by providing easy access to accessories during the shopping experience.



Robust analytics integration gives a 360° view of the audience behavior and informs continuous improvement. Ongoing marketing programs have created a consistent incremental increase in visits, engagement and conversions - and, in turn, quality leads and revenue.

  • Website sessions increased 33%
  • Users have increased 33%
  • Pageviews have increased 35%
  • E-commerce conversion rate increased 76%
  • Onsite revenue increased 149%
  • Over 30,000 leads generated annually
  • Mobile sessions increased 183%
  • Tablet sessions increased 221%
  • National promotion optimization and A/B testing resulted in a 34% increase in conversions