Sub-Zero and Wolf

On-the-Go Product Specs

Sub-Zero and Wolf is committed to improving the design and installation process for trade professionals to encourage brand loyalty and streamline product selection and installation. The luxury appliance manufacturer wanted to provide detailed product specification data to users who were on a job site without access to Wi-Fi or cellular service. Portability was key, so Ascedia built a customized app for tablets and mobile devices that would keep Sub-Zero and Wolf information at users' fingertips when they're away from the internet.

One Code Base To Rule Them All

Ascedia worked with the Sub-Zero and Wolf team to identify key features for the product specifications app. After reviewing key traits of the target audience, Ascedia recommended using the Cordova platform to develop one code base that spans both Android and Apple devices. This not only streamlined the development process but has simplified the maintenance process for the app, as there is only one code base to update and roll out when changes are needed.

No Connection Needed

The app uses an application programming interface (API) connection to pull data from the Sub-Zero and Wolf product database and load it onto the mobile device so that users can access it without a data or Wi-Fi connection. When the user connects to a network, the app provides notifications of new product data so that the user can update their content before heading to a job site. While on site, users can quickly and easily pull up appliance specification sheets and other detailed information. The app allows users to zoom into images for closer inspection and review.

Feedback-Driven Development

Since the app’s launch, user feedback has driven the development of new features that expand the app’s online capabilities. The app now allows users to forward specifications documents via email when connected to a cellular network or Wi-Fi, and has improved search and navigation functionality along with globalization features.

Widespread Usage Drives Brand Loyalty

The Sub-Zero and Wolf specifications app launched with versions for Apple and Android tablets and smart phones, and was well-received by trade users. The app has helped Sub-Zero and Wolf stand out from the competition, as they are widely recognized for their willingness to listen to consumers and tradespeople and develop helpful resources to improve the purchasing and installation process.

Since launch:

  • 4,100+ downloads 
  • Average of 488 sessions per week, with a weekly record of 682 sessions
  • 6,700+ screen views/week 
  • Average user views 13-14 screens per session and spend an average of 4:38 in the app
  • Users have sent documents nearly 900 times, or approximately 30 shares per week
  • Nearly 6,500 file downloads which equates to 170 downloads a week