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Sub-Zero and Wolf, the leading manufacturer of luxury kitchen appliances, named Ascedia its digital agency of record in 2011. This relationship led to the launch of a brand new digital presence that showcases the company’s finest appliances, provides inspiration to visitors who are planning a kitchen design, and supports their network of designers, installers, and architects. 

The previous Sub-Zero and Wolf website utilized Google Search Appliance. The Ascedia team quickly realized that a more robust search would not only create a more streamlined user experience but would also allow Sub-Zero and Wolf to fine-tune the search results. Ascedia suggested Coveo, a leading enterprise search solution, which integrated natively into Sitecore, their chosen CMS.

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Learn From User Behavior

Integrating Coveo results with Google Analytics helped the Sub-Zero and Wolf and Ascedia team fine tune search results and provide content recommendations. Just as telling as looking at which terms visitors were searching for was reviewing the terms visitors didn’t find results for. Keeping an eye on search behavior helped Ascedia fine-tune Coveo’s search results and tweak output formatting to ensure visitors get the most from their searches, and Coveo’s boosting feature allows content to “move up” the scale according to preset rules.

With Coveo’s thesaurus functionality, administrators can add alternate words and make associations between common search terms and the language that’s used in the site content. The tool also allows admins to group together full sentences or commonly combined search terms and associate those with specific pages on the site. For Sub-Zero and Wolf, this functionality helps address common search inaccuracies like the use of “stove” instead of “range” or “oven,” or the omission of dashes when searching on a product number, and other terms unique to their products’ functions and modes. Over the past year, the team has used this information to update and alter names of products or tools. For instance, search data revealed that visitors were frequently searching for “cookbooks,” so administrators renamed the existing “e-book” to better fit user needs. 

Full Integration for Streamlined User Experience

Often when search tools are integrated into a website, they retain the look and feel of the application. This can make the “search tool” seem tacked on or out of place in a sophisticated design. Sub-Zero and Wolf made the search experience a top priority in their website redesign and the most optimized means of accessing any content by any audience.

Fueled by analytics and testing, Ascedia’s User Experience team developed custom flows and designs based on the each key Sub-Zero and Wolf’s audience. As a result, Coveo’s search experience blends seamlessly into the website and nearly 7% of all users utilize the search bar at least once during their visit. 

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Results for Multiple Audiences

Because all visitors use the same search functionality to find information, Sub-Zero and Wolf had to carefully consider all of the different audiences that are accessing the site and provide valuable information that meets their varied needs. Consumers are a subset of a larger audience that includes showroom representatives, distributors, designers, architects, installers and cabinet makers, among others. Each of these audiences has different needs – dealers might need a quick reference sheet with key features for prospective buyers, while installers often require detailed specifications and measurements.

Coveo allows Sub-Zero and Wolf to create customized results that include a full range of product information, including important product details, Quick Reference Sheets, associated accessories, CAD downloads, videos,  FAQs and even recipes. Visitors can either use the quick search field located in the site’s main navigation, or access an advanced search page that allows for further refinement. For instance, product specifications make up 26% of total clicked pages, and direct downloads (CAD files, pdfs, etc.) make up 11% of total clicks. That means 38% of clicked pages are helping users (most likely valued trade partners) find specific and technical information on products quickly and without much navigation. 

Sub-Zero and Wolf also chose to have Ascedia integrate existing content from their Answer Advisor tool into Coveo. This integration allows visitors to access the same helpful information that Sub-Zero and Wolf’s customer service representatives use, creating a self-help resource that has reduced call volume and made it easier for visitors to find the information they need. These Answer Advisor pages make up 12% of total clicks, which means these results help owners access information that address their specific questions, such as troubleshooting, part replacements, and so on.  

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By The Numbers

  • Since January 2015, there have been nearly 11 million total searches completed, with almost 900,000 unique searches. That’s an average of nearly 550,000+ total searches a month and nearly 45,000+ unique searches. 
  • Since January 2015, 84% of total searches have yielded a result (vs. 16% with no result). The team has worked to optimize possible search options and have seen a 7% increase in searches yielding a result (from the average of 86% successful searches vs. most recent month with 92% successful searches).
  • Users who use the site search feature visit 83% more pages per sessions (6.7) and have a session duration that is 160% higher (9:57 minutes) than the visitors who do not.