Schlitterbahn Waterparks & Resorts

Wet, Wild, Wesponsive!

Schlitterbahn was looking for a partner to develop a responsive site in a new best-in-class CMS -- and found the right match in Ascedia. A mobile-first design, booking and e-commerce integrations and user funnel nurturing were key strategies for generating significant growth in 2014.


Responsive Design Brings People to Schlitterbahn

Schlitterbahn engaged Ascedia to redesign its website, which had a fragmented technology framework and performance issues. Ascedia’s research indicated an opportunity for an improved user experience and brand supportive design. It was also critical to address mobile usability, as a larger percentage of their visitors were accessing the site via mobile devices.

Ascedia's objective was to develop a responsive website that would support Schlitterbahn’s multiple locations (four in Texas and one in Kansas) and improve performance while increasing sales, visitation and engagement. It was also critical that the new site launch within four months – in time to kick off the season and spotlight promotions.


Kentico CMS Provides Flexibility, Scalability & Ease of Use

Ascedia led a discovery process to define objectives and prioritize features for the initial launch. This drove development of a scalable platform that would support future enhancements. The new site leveraged Kentico CMS for scalable and easy-to-use site management and multi-location support. Features included:

  • Improved user experience design, based on stages of travel and conversion paths
  • A site navigation structure that quickly funnels users to their desired location
  • Usability prototype testing to guide and validate design early in the process
  • Responsive design to meet the needs of users no matter their location or preferred device
  • An optimized infrastructure for improved performance capable of supporting sudden spikes in traffic (over 1 million in one month)
  • Large imagery and video integration to support the brand and inspire visitors
  • Integration with multiple third-party booking engines to meet the needs of each property, including room bookings, admission tickets, season passes and cabana sales
  • Optimized site structure for both SEO and social integration
  • Enhanced attraction and accommodation pages that feature additional related content to nurture discovery
  • Robust analytics implementation to track conversions and ROI, as well as inform continuous improvement

Major Improvements in Sessions & Performance

Schlitterbahn's site was developed in just four months and launched in April 2014. Results for the first seven months have exceeded expectations.

  • Revenue is up 48%
  • 5.7 million sessions, up 19%
  • 3.5 million users, up 12%
  • 26.9 million pageviews, up 43%
  • 4.73 pages/session, up 25%
  • 31% bounce rate, down 18%
  • Organic sessions are up 64% and represent 61% of traffic
  • Average page load is down 43% to less than 4.5 seconds
  • 63% of visitors are now mobile