Social Advertising for Specialty Insurance

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Markel Specialty Insurance came to Ascedia to increase traffic to their websites and build brand recognition as the premier niche coverage provider. With so many large players in the insurance market, Markel’s advertising budget was strained trying to compete in AdWords. Ascedia recommended using their dollars to compete in other areas and find new ways to stand out against the giants.

Ascedia’s marketing services team created a media buying plan and content strategy that allowed Markel to use the ad copy and creative that they had developed for PPC on social networks. The team initially focused on Facebook and Pinterest, but encouraged Markel to consider alternative networks like StumbleUpon after other clients with similar audiences experienced success in these areas.

Different Networks, Unified Strategy

Ascedia developed a multifaceted strategy to allow Markel to effectively engage potential clients on multiple social networks. A one-size-fits-all approach would not apply and different strategies were developed for each social network, along with customized metrics to align with user behavior.

Pinterest users tend to “pin” content and then come back to it in the future. Boosted posts on Facebook that pose a question help drive interaction as users comment, share and tag others. Carousel ads drive the most activity and engagement, as people click on multiple links and revisit the ad to see more. By running all of these elements together in a unified strategy, Ascedia drives more engagement with Markel’s content.

Targeted Content for Targeted Audiences

As the specialty insurance specialists, Markel had developed extensive content to cover their different offerings: motorcycle, bicycle, boat, ATV and wedding insurance. They engaged Ascedia to help build an audience for these niche markets and supplement overall site traffic.

Ascedia’s digital marketing strategy built on the existing PPC program to promote the content that Markel developed for these microsites. Our team provides Markel with content recommendations based on trending topics and seasonal items and then develops ads and social posts to drive readers to these specific content pieces. The content has a broader focus and serves to educate and inspire the visitor while subtly incorporating a call to action to request a quote for an insurance policy.

User Personas

Through extensive research, Ascedia created user personas that helped Markel understand the way visitors engage with their digital content. For example, the team identified that many visitors came in through Facebook on mobile devices, so Ascedia made content recommendations to support mobile readers and developed customized ads and graphics to align with this type of visitor.

Using targeted ad copy, compelling imagery and links to Markel’s nice content, Ascedia was able to increase engagement and interaction with Markel’s website, which ultimately increased leads and conversions.

Small Budget, Big Results

Social media is the top referring traffic source in all of the following specialty categories:

Event Insurance

  • Social referrals accounted for over 50% of traffic in Q1 2016
  • Social referrals increased over 109% since Q4 2015

Motorcycle Insurance

  • Social referrals accounted for over 42% of traffic in Q1 2016
  • Social referrals increased over 260% since Q4 2015

Boat Insurance

  • Social referrals accounted for over 69% of traffic in Q1 2016

In addition, Ascedia saw incredible success when we took over the Markel AdWords account in 2014. Even as the company’s search campaign budgets declined, we achieved stellar results in the following specialty categories:

Motorcycle Insurance

  • 144% increase in conversions
  • 18% increase in clicks
  • 14% increase in click-through rate
  • 4% increase in impressions

Boat Insurance

  • 65% increase in converted clicks
  • 51% increase in clicks
  • 32% increase in impressions
  • 20% increase in click-through rate

Off-Road Insurance

  • 94% decrease in cost per conversion
  • 152% increase in conversions
  • 115% increase in clicks
  • 146% increase in impressions

Event Insurance

  • 23% decrease in cost per conversion