A Dynamic Online Portfolio

Screenshot from the Development Program page
Screenshot from the home page with Experience highlighted

Landmark Healthcare Facilities is a leading full-service developer of physician office buildings and clinics, ambulatory care and surgery centers, cardiac and cancer centers, imaging centers, fitness and women’s centers and laboratories. For Landmark, their online presence needed to showcase their facilities and build a strong brand image with prospective clients. Lead generation was secondary to creating an online portfolio that reflected the complexity, stature and innovative architecture of their properties.

From Print to Digital

The website redesign brought Landmark’s print-focused marketing strategy to life on the web by creating a digital version of their sales collateral. The design strategically handled Landmark’s content, leaving room alongside the impactful imagery for large amounts of text that would be static on screen upon load. The striking design reinforced the brand’s quality and innovation by putting the emphasis on Landmark’s key differentiators and portfolio of facilities.

Snippet of a screenshot of the homepage with Experience highlighted

Bold Imagery

Landmark’s developments stand out among the competition in square footage, architecture and design, and the complexity of the systems and equipment that reside within. Landmark’s website effectively demonstrates the builders’ ability to construct any size facility to meet the clients’ needs on time and on budget, while capturing the size and scale of Landmark’s buildings.

Ascedia’s design team developed different photography treatments and layouts to showcase the best angles and attributes of each facility. Through the design phase, the team created multiple fully-functional prototypes of the slider page template so that Landmark could experience the design as it would look and feel on a live site rather than envisioning it from a conceptual document. 

Landmark is and always will be independent

Strong Messaging

Landmark’s content strategy relies on facts and figures to reinforce the company’s expertise in construction and building management. Ascedia implemented a large home page slider that combines dramatic photography of Landmark’s facilities and powerful language to immediately create a big impact and highlight the company’s primary value statements. To carry key messaging through the rest of the site, Ascedia added the ability to place callouts on various internal pages to emphasize important copy.


Beautiful On Any Device

After reviewing analytics, Ascedia determined that many users were visiting the site through mobile devices and outlined a development strategy that included responsive elements for tablets and smartphones. The redesigned site offers an improved experience for mobile users and allows Landmark’s sales team to use any device to showcase success stories and building information to clients and prospects.

A True Success Story

Landmark’s website was immediately embraced by employees, who began using it as a sales tool during cold calls and sales pitches. The site provided an interactive showpiece that staff members were proud to promote. The team’s confidence in the site was demonstrated through a direct mail campaign that drove traffic to the site rather than encouraging phone calls.

  • Nearly 80% of site visitors since the redesign are new, resulting in an increase in new leads
  • Increased average session duration of 2:04, with longer visits demonstrating user interest
  • Low bounce rate of 40.74% on Success Stories page with 15.66% exit rate, indicating that users overwhelmingly choose to continue clicking through success stories