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The Kenosha Area, a vibrant community nestled on the shore of Lake Michigan in Southeastern Wisconsin, is a year-round destination suited for most any taste or budget. The Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau needed an equally vibrant website to showcase the region’s amenities and attract new travelers. Ascedia partnered with Kenosha to create a responsive website using Kentico CMS.

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Taking It To The Next Level

Ascedia and Kenosha have a long-standing relationship and were ready to take the existing site to the next level. Administration was becoming a challenge as the site’s content became more robust. A mobile site had been developed separately and the goal was to create a single system where all of the content could be easily managed.

After a thorough strategic planning process that included persona development and user experience analysis, Ascedia recommended Kentico CMS to develop a single fully-responsive site for users on all devices. The team developed a simplified administration strategy to allow multiple content creators to update the site using widgets. This allowed content elements to be easily dragged and dropped on the page and gave the team flexibility in creating landing pages and other features.

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The Traveler's Journey

New features were added based on strategic planning findings. Through persona development, Ascedia identified that most visitors to the Visit Kenosha website were visiting the area for business or to attend a sporting event. Thus, the goal became getting these travelers to discover all of the interesting and exciting attractions the Kenosha Area has to offer. Ascedia implemented a “Nearby Things” map that shows visitors restaurants and attractions that are close to their destination. 

In addition, the site’s Events calendar was updated to accommodate reoccurring events. This simplified calendar maintenance for Kenosha’s team while ensuring that visitors were able to access an up-to-date list of all of the exciting happenings in the area.

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Post-Launch Positivity

The entire Visit Kenosha team is comfortable using the Kentico CMS to maintain the site, allowing the group to share the workload and allow specialists to maintain different areas of the website. The CMS has also simplified calendar maintenance as events are now automatically archived.

Ascedia’s Digital Strategy & Research team created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to support the refreshed website, including pay-per-click advertising to drive new users to the site.