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A Wellness App for an Active Lifestyle

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Interra Health inspires healthy living within individuals through the implementation of wellness programs, onsite clinics and engagement strategies that drive movement across organizations. The company offers a client portal and mobile app that allow users to track their wellness activities, monitor progress toward goals and access helpful health resources. Interra’s mobile applications were in need of a creative refresh and technology updates to support users on the latest mobile devices. Ascedia was brought in to not only make the mobile apps more modern and user-friendly, but to create a tool that would serve as a showpiece when Interra was demonstrating its services to prospective clients.

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A Synchronized Development Strategy

Because different teams worked on the iOS and Android versions separately during the initial development and launch, the apps became increasingly fragmented in the years since initial launch. Ascedia worked with Interra’s in-house developer to get the two versions in sync both functionally and stylistically. Ascedia’s team also proposed making updates to ensure that the apps were not only compliant with current iOS and Android standards but that the code was easily adaptable for future development.

Ascedia reviewed the existing iOS and Android apps and created a list of high-priority fixes along with a set of enhancements that would improve appearance and user experience. This included creative updates like new icons and layout modifications, along with screen size support updates and other technical fixes to maintain functionality. 


Open Communication & Honest Input

Ascedia’s project and account managers communicated with Interra’s team on a daily basis, which enabled both apps (iOS and Android) to be developed concurrently. This allowed Ascedia to release the apps according to Interra’s desired timeline. This consistent communication helped Ascedia and Interra to form one team with a common goal, even though the developers were located many states apart and never met in person. Ascedia also kept close track of all project changes and created highly-detailed functionality comparisons to ensure that all of the project goals were met. Because Ascedia is also an Interra client, the team was also able to provide usability insights as actual users of the apps.

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Healthy Results

Ascedia’s developers and Interra’s in-house development team completed this complex project on time and on budget. With a common goal, the two teams worked together to create a streamlined interface with intuitive, user-friendly functionality. Interra’s team is now able to maintain the two apps side-by-side and keep them consistent across platforms. The code is also easily adaptable for new screen sizes and devices.

Interra’s updated mobile apps launched in June 2016 into the iTunes store and Android marketplace. App downloads have increased and the tools have received glowing reviews from internal and external users. The Interra sales team is able to confidently showcase the new and improved apps during pitch presentations, and client engagement in the apps has increased since launch.