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When AJ Bombers launched a partnership with the Milwaukee Brewers, they needed an eye-catching video for Opening Day! A video that was previously used in Madison for a football-themed promotion was retooled to reflect Brewers and baseball. The new scoreboard video lets Brewers fans know they can get the same delicious food at the restaurant’s other two Milwaukee-area locations.

customized content

Customized Content

The original video had great energy and helped set the tone of excitement and fun that is synonymous with the AJ Bombers brand, so the team chose to build on the existing content rather than starting from scratch. Because of the way the original video was created, Ascedia was able to replace many of the elements in the video without shooting new footage. The team replaced images of Bucky Badger with Bernie Brewer, swapped baseballs for footballs and created a Milwaukee map that highlights the Downtown and Wauwatosa restaurants. This method of creating and editing the video gives AJ Bombers the ability to continue to tweak the ad spot for other sports or event partnerships as their organization grows.

For the initial video production, Ascedia conducted strategic planning sessions with AJ Bombers to understand what sets the restaurant apart from others in the area. The team defined WHY a customer would want to visit AJ Bombers and determined that the restaurant’s atmosphere, with its graffiti walls and flying p-nut bombs, is a major differentiator. The video was built around the concepts of “fun” and “happiness” and the team used bold graphics and sound effects like flying planes and dropping bombs to add dimension to the animation.

fresh results

Fresh Results

Ascedia provided a fresh creative perspective and collaborated with AJ Bombers to explore multiple options for the video refresh. The team updated the video within a tight timeline and was able to have the final product ready for Major League Baseball’s Opening Day. The video launched to a captive crowd of Brewers fans during the first game and will replay throughout the season to millions of fans. The video will not only drive traffic to the stadium burger stand but will help keep the AJ Bombers brand top-of-mind and encourage diners to visit their restaurants.

AJ Bombers is able to maximize their investment by showcasing the Miller Park video across multiple channels outside the ballpark. The video can be showcased on the AJ Bombers website, social media channels, YouTube channels and playlists, and Vimeo. They are also considering using it for television placement.