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Cubic Designs manufactures and installs custom, free-standing mezzanine systems and food grade platforms for a wide variety of industry and warehouse applications. These customizable platforms allow Cubic Designs’ clients to add a second or third level to their facilities to better utilize existing space. Their team focuses on giving clients close, personal attention throughout the design, production, and installation processes while creating a safe, efficient environment.

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Keeping Up With Technology

Cubic Designs’ website was originally developed in WordPress, and in the intervening years since the site had launched, advancements in technology and mobile usage had changed the way Cubic’s clients were interacting with the business. Their WordPress site was not mobile-responsive, which proved challenging for on-the-go buyers who were looking for information on mezzanine systems and safety options. Cubic’s sales team began directing prospects and clients to use other channels to learn about and interact with the business, and the quantity and quality of leads generated through the site began to drop.

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A Fully Interactive Experience

Ascedia proposed shifting the website from WordPress to Kentico EMS, which would not only allow for a mobile-friendly redesign but would also give Cubic Designs the opportunity to turn the website into a lead generation engine. The site was developed to allow Cubic’s marketing team to customize content to specific buyer personas, capture leads, and assign them to the appropriate business development resources. 

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An Innovative 3D Visualizer

Ascedia also saw the opportunity to showcase Cubic Designs’ customizable product line with a 3D mezzanine visualizer. This tool allows users to build a custom mezzanine and select colors and finishes for railings, framing, columns, and decking. The 3D rendering can be viewed from all angles so that buyers can get a sense of how it will look in their environment. After users create their custom mezzanine, Cubic’s business development team can reach out to answer any questions and help them complete their purchase.

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In the weeks since launch, the website has become an indispensable sales tool for Cubic Designs’ business development team. Content personalization serves up the most relevant information to visitors and gives Cubic’s team insights into their interests, which helps drive more focused sales conversations. Ascedia developed a launch strategy that kept search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising top of mind, and plans to help Cubic Designs implement marketing automation and lead scoring as part of a phase 2 strategy.