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Designing a Solid User Experience

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Cubic Designs engaged Ascedia in a complete website redesign to improve user experience. Ascedia developed a digital strategy to present a more modern look and feel that would help users find what they were looking for and bring important information to the forefront. Another key goal? To increase organic traffic and get more leads through their site.

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Improved Usability and Dynamic Content

Ascedia developed the new custom website with WordPress CMS. The team conducted user testing to inform design and user experience improvements. The site was structured to drive more leads, make it easier for people to navigate, provide clear calls to action, better organize information and provide more up-to-date content in an organized structure.

The new site features an updated look and feel, a dynamic news and events section, photo and video galleries, social sharing links, a Contact Us form with dropdowns, search capability, a Mezzanine Color selector and much more.

To increase organic traffic, a SEO build and keyword research was done in tandem with the creation of the new website, as well as creating new PPC campaigns to correlate with the new design and copy.

More visits, leads and conversions

More Visits, More Leads, More Conversions

The site has had a significant impact on lead generation and conversions for Cubic Designs. In the first year:

  • Visits increased 80%
  • Unique visits increased 85%
  • Pageviews increased 72%
  • Average time spent on site increased 25%
  • Bounce rate went down 3% 
  • Goal conversations have increased by 400%
  • Mobile and tablet views went up 300%