College Illinois!

An A+ Application System

In 2002, College Illinois! engaged Ascedia to redesign their website. College Illinois! is the State of Illinois’ 529 Prepaid Tuition Program. Prior to this, College Illinois! had no means to take online applications, and so the ability to purchase contracts through the site was a top priority.


Simplified Online Applications

Ascedia built College Illinois’ first online application system, which provided a user-friendly way
for users to purchase contracts online. The e-commerce application system handled the online
application fee and credit card processing, offered online reporting and easy activity management and provided all necessary data handling to the 3rd party record’s manager through a secure transport of application data. Built-in automation allowed for data to be collected with ease, provided real-time activity updates and application tracking, supported promotions and discounting, and provided a strong data architecture for CRM activities and segmentation.


Increased Applications, Growing Attendance

  • Online applications now account for 87% of the contracts sold, equating to over $500,000,000 in contract sales.
  • Application costs were reduced by 40% through reduction of lockbox, paper and human resources.
  • Customer database grew from 8,000 records to over 65,000 records.
  • Website traffic increased 25% annually since 2002 with the addition of new site applications including rich media, tutorials, planning wizards, blogs, educational content and a strong email marketing program.
  • Extended available customer service to fence-sitters in an effort to drive more transactions.