CoCo Key Water Resort

Making a Splash with Digital!

coco key water resort

Ascedia partnered with CoCo Key Water Resort from 2007-2012 to provide web design, development and maintenance, along with interactive marketing services including SEO, PPC, email marketing and social media consulting. All projects shared a common goal: to elevate CoCo Key Water Resort’s online presence and drive visitation, engagement and revenue as efficiently as possible.

Digital Strategy Beyond the Website

Ascedia’s approach was to turn Coco Key's website into a working sales tool with increased analytics and tracking and centralized planning and implementation. To do this, we developed a CMS-driven website and online brand experience that gave marketing managers at each of the 10 locations the power to manage selected content. Each manager could easily update their online packages, events, area attractions, FAQs and news, while corporate retained oversight and integration of online ticketing.

The site launch involved significant SEO and PPC enhancements, including a search audit to guide an optimized build as well as ongoing optimization services. To monitor ROI, Ascedia built in analytics and e-commerce integration. For PPC, Ascedia's interactive marketing specialists developed national and geo-targeted keywords and copy for each of the 10 locations.

Once the site was in place, Ascedia developed an annual plan for email marketing to increase participation and drive sales and online conversions. This strategy included that included contact maintenance and a new template design to attract readers. We also conducted online reputation and social media research to provide insights into where and how to communicate most effectively within the social space.


Increased Traffic Leads to Increased Revenue

The truth is in the numbers. After the site launch, CoCo Key Water Resort experienced:

  • Over 10 times more organic traffic
  • Nearly 100:1 ROI for online revenue generated from organic traffic
  • Average pages per visit up 40%
  • Average time on site up 74%
  • Bounce rate decreased from 34% to 22%
  • PPC ROI nearly 12:1
  • PPC click-through rate increased from .81% to 10.38%
  • PPC average cost per click decreased by 59%
  • Email accounted for 4:1 ROI
  • Email subscriptions increased 6x in 4 years
  • 30% average email unique open rate