Chula Vista Resort & Waterpark

Simplify and Segment to Maximize Results

Chula Vista Resort & Waterpark came to Ascedia looking for a more up-to-date website and mobile site that would help users quickly and easily find the content they're looking for. By using Kentico CMS to build a single point of administration, Ascedia provided a streamlined site that increased overall web and mobile visitors, engagement and reservations.


Streamlined Content Management

Ascedia built the new site with Kentico CMS, which was better suited to Chula Vista's content management needs. The updated design improved upon the previous navigation, to provide better segmentation between the leisure and business content areas. Previously, Chula Vista had four different microsites outside of the main site. All of these sites had different domains and were maintained through different content management systems. As part of the redesign project, Ascedia incorporated these into the new site, which streamlined things and made it easier for Chula Vista to make updates in a single location. Simplified navigation was implemented to help users find what they were looking for with fewer clicks. In addition, the new site swiftly directed visitors to action items, had a simplified look and feel, incorporated more images and added social engagement. Ascedia also produced a mobile version of the website. 

Top 10 Site of the Month

Just five months post launch, the new was delivering increases in visitation, engagement and conversions.

  • Average visit duration up 25.41%
  • Bounce rate down 25.73%
  • Percent of new visits up 10.91%
  • E-commerce conversion rate up 15.21%
  • Reservations up 43%

The Chula Vista site was also recognized by Kentico as Top 10 Site of the Month.