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aqueon 3 tips to succeed
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aqueon 3 tips to success
aqueon 3 tips to success video
aqueon success video

Aqueon was established by the creators of the All-Glass Aquarium Company and is now part of Central Garden & Pet. Developed by true aquatic hobbyists, Aqueon is the first single brand to provide a broad array of aquarium solutions including foods, power filtration, water care products, lights, d├ęcor, furniture and aquariums. Ascedia worked with Aqueon to create an introductory video for new aquarium owners.

persona development

A Unique Persona

Ascedia conducted preliminary research and strategic planning with the Aqueon team to understand the company’s target audiences. The video project focused on Aqueon’s primary persona – a mom who is considering buying an aquarium for her children – along with their secondary persona – someone who is in the beginning stages of expanding an existing tank. The message for both personas is the same: basic tank maintenance, as even the most experienced hobbyists often forget the key steps to starting out.

virtual 3d video

On-Brand and Under Water

Reinforcing Aqueon’s brand was a top priority, as their existing video content looked out of place with their new branding. The team sought to create a modern look and feel that would fit seamlessly with their upcoming website redesign and proposed three different concepts using live action, 2D- and 3D video.

Aqueon chose to use a virtual 3D modeled and rendered tank, fish, environment and accessories.  Ascedia created an intro and outro that can be used to promote the video in packaging designs and future marketing campaigns. In addition, Ascedia’s videographer created a “puppet” fish in Adobe Character Animator that used face tracking to enable the mouth to move along with recorded dialogue and the fish’s body to mimic the actor’s head movement and facial expressions.

Lighting and particle simulations were used to capture actual bubbles in Ascedia’s office aquarium and a recording of real tank bubbles were used for authenticity. The health of this animated tank was paramount: everything from the vegetation to the amount of bubbles was tweaked in order to represent the brand and product accurately. Together, the combination of realism and whimsy give the video a fresh feel that captures the audience.

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Learning + Fun = Success!

Ascedia and Aqueon created an educational and promotional piece that has found its home on YouTube. The video resides on Aqueon’s YouTube channel where it has been gaining traction among new and experienced aquarium owners. By promoting the video on social channels, product packaging and on the Aqueon website, the company can be sure that users will be able to start their tanks successfully using information straight from the experts.