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One of the nation’s largest Catholic women’s colleges, Alverno is dedicated to personal and professional development and uses an impressive range of degree programs to attract and engage students. Alverno’s Department of Counseling & Health Services wanted to develop a dedicated site to promote their offerings and provide valuable resources to support students as they navigate college life.

future planning

Code For Today… And Tomorrow

Alverno had a grant for the wellness microsite project, but their internal team had limited resources to build the site before the start of fall semester. Ascedia’s large development team was able to begin the project in less than a week and develop a fully responsive site within Alverno’s condensed timeframe.

Because Alverno was in the midst of an overall site migration to a new content management system (Omni Update) at the time of microsite development, Ascedia provided responsive HTML5 code that could be integrated into their current site environment. By developing the wellness microsite to align with the new CMS template, Alverno’s team could easily integrate the code within the overall site without duplicate effort.

site hierarchy

Fitting Into the Framework

To streamline the development process, Ascedia created content guidelines and a site hierarchy and sitemap. Ascedia used Alverno’s brand guidelines and design concepts as a starting point for the wellness microsite. The team created new graphics that aligned with the existing website’s look and provided copywriting services to streamline the microsite content.

The Wellness microsite uses the same primary navigation of the Alverno website, which creates a seamless user experience. This streamlined navigation and design approach makes it easy for students to access critical resources in their time of need.

content writing

Clarifying the Content

Alverno’s team had already outlined the goals of the wellness microsite and had provided extensive content that outlined their department’s services. The three departments each had clear ideas about what they wanted to communicate, but the wellness information was scattered across various sections of the Alverno website. 

Ascedia’s copywriting team distilled the information provided by Alverno’s team into the Body + Mind + Spirit microsite. These pages contain all of the relevant information on health services, counseling, campus ministry and emergency services, giving students the tools they need to flourish in all aspects of their life on campus. 

website launch results

A Successful Launch

Ascedia was able to meet Alverno’s immediate needs for a new microsite without venturing into the territory of a full-blown website redesign. The wellness microsite seamlessly integrates with the existing site while providing an easy transition to the new CMS when the time comes.

Alverno’s wellness microsite was available to students as they arrived on campus to kick off the fall semester. The microsite provides a dedicated space for the Department of Counseling & Health Services to share information about their services. Team members can easily update the site with information about new activities and programs. Staff contact information is readily accessible and the microsite also provides a robust list of helpful resources to empower students and faculty to take charge of their physical, mental and spiritual health.