Digital Asset Management

Connecting Digital Asset Management and Content Management Systems will elevate the CXM but also transform companies internally by increasing effciency and access across the organization.

User experiences are becoming more segmented and complex. Savvy marketers know that it is imperative to gain efficiency between asset management and information systems. Connecting Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Content Management Systems (CMS) not only elevates the CXM (customer eXperience) but also is transforming companies internally by increasing efficiency and access across the organization.

When you outgrow email, Dropbox and shared servers, it’s time to centralize your visual content in a more capable, easy-to-use, cloud-based solution. That’s where DAM comes in. It helps you create, manage, share and analyze your digital assets – like photos, videos and creative files – from a central source of truth. When integrated into the other systems you use every day, a DAM solution makes your assets more powerful and quickly deploys your visual content to the right channel, for the right people, in the right format, at the right time.

Ascedia has partnered with Widen to provide DAM functionality to our clients. We can create integrations between Widen DAM and your CMS to streamline asset management and improve your internal processes.


Developed by Ascedia, the Widen Sitecore connector enables users to work with image assets stored in the Widen DAM system so they can be easily downloaded and organized locally in the Sitecore Media Library on a mass scale. The advantages to storing image assets locally in Sitecore are:

  • Improved SEO due to image URLs using the sites actual domain versus a remote Widen domain
  • Enables easier integration of third party image formatting tools, such as ImageResizer
  • Image assets can be previewed in the Sitecore UI
  • Automated synchronization and overwrite protection are built into the connector functionality

We’re a Sitecore Certified Implementation partner and a Widen partner, and our development and support teams have deep experience integrating Widen into Sitecore environments. We’ve found that the combination of the two platforms is proven to bring more efficiency to your marketing and asset management efforts!

Interested in trying the Widen Sitecore Connector? Download a free demo version here!


  • Find and publish your photos, videos and creative files
  • Convert files to other formats on the fly
  • Minimize image requests with self-serve access
  • Gain visibility into what content you do or don’t have
  • Increase the ROI for your photos and videos
  • Ensure control and consistency of your brand
  • Collaborate more efficiently across your organization
  • Preserve your organizational history for the future
  • Manage usage rights and asset release dates
  • Measure how successfully your content is performing


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