Content Strategy & Development


Good content helps visitors understand who you are. Great content builds trust and kicks off partnerships. Ascedia works with businesses across industries to help them tell their brand story and educate their audiences about what makes them unique. We help you build authority through thought leadership and increase your online visibility.

Content marketing allows you to reach your target audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey. We’ll help you determine the medium and message that will be most effective at nurturing new leads while also building rich content that builds brand loyalty with your existing clients.

Our Services

Ascedia’s marketing team can develop a content strategy that spans multiple platforms yet tells a cohesive story. We work with your subject matter experts to understand your business, your audience and your key differentiators, and then develop compelling content that engages readers.

Our services include:

  • Brand voice & content strategy development
  • Landing page strategy
  • User persona development
  • Editorial calendar planning & management
  • Optimized web copy
  • Email campaigns and landing pages
  • Social posts and campaigns
  • Infographics
  • Video scripts
  • White papers and e-books
  • Case studies
  • Blogs
  • Campaign analytics & measurement
  • Marketing automation

Search Optimized Build

Content strategy starts when a site is built. Throughout the development process, we incorporate all available search engine optimization best practices and standards to help drive quality organic traffic and make it easy for existing and potential visitors to find you. Our process involves:

  • Keyword research, analysis, and mapping 
  • Optimized naming conventions
  • Internal linking optimization
  • Google Analytics installation
  • Best practices implementation for all accepted SEO standards 
  • Event tracking and goal setup
  • Conversion funnel strategy

Personalized Content

Technology and data enables us to create a more personalized experience for visitors. By implementing the right infrastructure, we can use captured data to serve up a more relevant and personalized experience to visitors. We can also leverage marketing automation tools to help create a valuable flow of information for prospective clients.

Imagery & Copywriting

Words tell only part of the story – images help enrich the user experience and add dimension to your brand. 

The creation of imagery and copy is often a collaborative process between Ascedia and its clients. In many cases the clients are providing their imagery, videos and copy and Ascedia optimizes the content for the site, SEO and voice. We are also available to conduct shoots, edit videos, animations, illustrations and copywriting.

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