Sub-Zero and Wolf

A Sitecore Implementation boosts E-Commerce 149%.

Project Brief.

Sub-Zero and Wolf, a global manufacturer of luxury kitchen appliances, engaged with Ascedia to digitally transform their organization and build a global, scalable solution to serve as a product showcase, as an inspirational experience for visitors to build dream kitchens, and as a resource for trade specification.

SubZero desktop mockup

Client Details.

Services Provided.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Experience Design
  • Application Development

Project Solution.

We conducted a series of discovery and goal documentation workshops with our partner. Together we defined visitor personas that ranged from early purchase decision influencers (architects, designers and contractors), to channel distribution partners and dealer networks, to high-end consumers. Thoroughly empathizing with audience needs revealed a list of highly engaging touch-point opportunities and features.

Looking deeply at market research, luxury brand peers, the history of Sub-Zero and Wolf, and their audience needs, our creative team developed a series of proposed visual approaches. Drastic and disruptive changes were needed to bring Sub-Zero/Wolf back-on-brand and back into the world of luxury appliances. 

We developed a radically new approaches to user experiences with content, imagery, and website navigation. Website features were completely aligned to needs discovered in user journeys and tailored to directly serve prospect, owner, and trade audiences. The new visual experience platform's pattern library served as guiding principle, top-down, from the global presence down to the smallest pixel on the website.

Sub-Zero and Wolf needed an enterprise content management solution that could scale globally, support a luxury brand visual experience, and integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise systems and third-party platforms. After evaluation, Ascedia determined Sitecore CMS would be the best content management solution for Sub-Zero and Wolf’s needs. 

Digital Asset Management

The global implementation of a highly visual website experience required a constant supply of assets. As photography and product imagery was continuously changing, the marketing team needed an efficient way of controlling and managing image licensing from a single source. Our solution was a custom integration of Widen's Digital Asset Management System (DAM) into Sitecore. This would be the first integration of Widen into Sitecore ever.

A highly available search experience was critical to deliver relevant search results to each of Sub-Zero/Wolf's target audiences. Search experience research showed that a unique mix of instant search results and advanced filtering was needed for users. Coveo Search Solution was chosen for its excellent capacity to perform at an enterprise level and ability to integrate directly into Sitecore.

Sitecore’s e-commerce capabilities and UX upgrades made Sub-Zero and Wolf's online store purchase journey more effective. The new experience was easy to navigate, thus reducing the need for customer support. In addition, we made product accessories more visible to motivate users to purchase add-ons.

Global e-commerce

Sitecore was utilized for e-commerce initiatives to support the sale of Sub-Zero/Wolf products globally.  The new e-commerce solution is both easy to navigate and on-brand. In addition, we made product accessories visible to motivate users to purchase add-ons. The web store commerce solution performs well within the Sitecore CMS and is directly integrated into fulfillment providers and payment solutions.

The website became a digital operations powerhouse and benefited from numerous Sitecore integrations with leading platforms such as: Wistia Video Content Distribution, Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Answer Advisor Customer Service Platform, Marketo marketing automation platform, to name a few.

Project Outcomes.

The complete digital transformation, visual platform, content strategy, and digital marketing plan tied in with the Sitecore CMS platform gave Sub-Zero and Wolf remarkable results in customer satisfaction and global user engagement.

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