The Secret to B2B Marketing, According to Google

google partners connect

On September 20, 2017, Ascedia hosted a Google Partners Connect event focused on unlocking the secrets of B2B marketing strategy. Here’s what we learned:


According to recent research by Forrester, there has been a fundamental shift in how decision-makers are going down the purchase path. Today, B2B buyers are 75% of the way through the purchase before they even reach out to a brand, and when they do finally reach out, they’re assessing fewer options: the number has dropped from 5 to 2. This indicates that buyers are spending more time in the research stages of the purchase journey and they are coming into later stages better informed.


90% of B2B buyers are conducting at least 12 searches before engaging with a brand, and the majority of searches start with a generic query like, “How do I…” or “What’s the best solution…” rather than looking for a specific vendor. It is critical for brands to be present and accessible, and to connect with businesses in these early stages by providing useful information as they are researching their options.


Google presented interesting information showing how team members outside of the C-suite are influencing buying decisions. Non-executives are being given more authority in vendor selection and other key business decisions, and team members at all levels have more influence in the purchase process. This shift requires a different approach in messaging and content structure. 


80% of B2B researchers are multi-screen, and video content is more popular than ever, making 25% of purchasers more likely to buy from a brand. Because business users are conducting research in their spare time outside of the office and then returning to the desktop to make the purchase, it’s important to create a great mobile experience. Content should be easy to access and consume on mobile devices, and it should load quickly: 53% of users leave a page within three seconds, but 75% of mobile sites take at least 10 seconds to load… so you can see the impact a sluggish site can have.


Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning all rely on pattern identification and data analysis, and they will continue to transform the way digital marketing – and online search – is done. Google shared a shocking statistic: By 2020, companies who master machine learning will steal $1.2 trillion per year from those who don’t.

To get the full picture on these and other B2B marketing topics, check out the full recording of the Google Partners Connect event.

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