18 Questions to Ask Before 2018 Planning Begins

strategic planning

It’s that time of year again: annual planning! As a marketer, this is one of my favorite things to do – review statistics from the current year’s activities, outline goals for the following year, and outline a plan for digital marketing success in the following year. How exciting!

As you begin your process, use the following 18 questions to help guide you down the path to digital marketing success.


  1. Does your website meet goals and expectations and support the needs of your target personas
  2. Does your website leverage content personalization tools?
  3. Does your site meet accessibility requirements?
  4. Are the things your target users are looking for the most prominent elements on your site?
  5. Is your site responsive and mobile optimized, and does it load quickly?
  6. Have you implemented an analytics program?


  1. Is your site optimized
  2. Consider your keyword strategy: Have you incorporated keywords into your web content, including your page titles, and do your images have alt tags?
  3. Have you implemented a cross-linking strategy?


  1. Are your ads targeting your user personas and are they getting the conversions you planned for
  2. Have you tested other outlets or ad types (for example: social media ads, Facebook canvas ads, or video)?
  3. Are you constantly testing and optimizing your ads?
  4. Are you using campaign-specific landing pages for your ads – and do those landing pages match the message of your ads? 


  1. Have you tested your subject lines, body copy, images, and calls to action?
  2. Are your emails mobile-friendly?
  3. Have you segmented your lists by user persona and content need/interest and are you using personalization?
  4. Is it time to implement a marketing automation strategy (ensure you have enough content to support this strategy)?


  1. Would virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality support your company goals?
  2. Would an immersive video (also known as 360° video) help effectively demonstrate your product, service, or location?

Yep, it’s a long list of questions. But each of these questions is necessary to consider when planning out your 2018 digital marketing strategy. Why? Because your digital brand and how your users view and interact with it affects your lead generation and business development initiatives, and your approach can ultimately have a positive impact on the sales goals of your organization.

So grab a cup of coffee, find a comfortable chair, and dive into these 18 (+1) questions with your marketing team. Answer them honestly and those responses will help you develop your 2018 digital marketing strategy. And if you need a little -- or a lot! -- of help, contact uswe live and breathe digital

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