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18 Questions to Ask Before 2018 Planning Begins

Is Your Business Ready for Augmented and Virtual Reality?

augmented vs. virtual reality

By Ascedia

One of the hottest tech trends is the growing world of immersive technology. These days, gaming and app companies are attempting to put users deeper within the context of their digital environments than ever before, and there have been some amazing advancements in technology that are enabling this push. Immersive technology isn’t just fun and games, however: there are many ways that this type of experience can help bolster your business.

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Set the Stage For a Successful 2018 with Agency Collaboration

By Kristen Davis

As you enter the world of 2018 planning, it is important to remember that although the overall planning process for digital marketing and traditional marketing are similar, they require different skill sets for proper planning. But that doesn’t mean traditional and digital marketing strategy should be done in a vacuum. In fact, the ideal situation is to plan together!

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