Social Ad Budget Tip: Run Goal-Based Campaigns

Most social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, allow advertisers to optimize their ads based on their campaign objective. This helps advertisers focus their messaging by starting the process with the end goal in mind. 

The first step in creating a goal-based ad is to determine what the “call to action” is. For example, do you want to expand your audience by attracting new likes or followers, increase the reach of your content through post engagement or a promoted tweet, or drive traffic to your website through a link-based ad? Once you’ve determined the goal, you can define how you’ll measure the results. 

Each of the platforms are making it easier for you to choose your objectives as your first step. Here’s an example of how Facebook does it.  Choose an objective based on what you want to accomplish. 

If you are unfamiliar with these objectives or are having trouble choosing one, you can hover over each objective to view a description of exactly why you should use it. 

There’s a saying that it’s not a goal if it’s not measurable, and that’s true for goal-based campaigns.  It’s important that you identify how you’ll measure your goals and then set up proper tracking, which includes implementing Google Tracking URLs using their URL Builder Tool and setting up goals or event tracking in Google Analytics. You’ll also want to use the various tools that each platform provides, such as Facebook’s Insights and Ad Manager. As a final step, make sure to implement social tracking pixels on your website. 

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