Social Ad Budget Tip: Narrow Your Target

targeted results

It’s easy to boost a post on Facebook to everyone, but to get the best engagement and results for your ads, you want to narrow your focus and target your best prospects. Don’t try to be everywhere or target everyone. That leads to wasted budget and less effective and relevant ads. Go where your customers are most active or where you’ve built up some engagement. This will depend on your objective and target. For example, younger people may be on Instagram, but their parents are on Facebook. 

If you’re not sure where to start, do research. Take a look at your own analytics and where visitors are coming from. Dig into analytics and insight tools available on the social networks. Take a look at where your current customers are. 

These days it’s easier than ever to get super-targeted. Each social platform allows you target almost anything - location, demographics, interests, behaviors, connections. It’s kind of amazing how targeted you can get, but you can get too targeted. Play around with the targeting features to find that sweet spot. Here’s an example of Facebook’s audience targeting page. As you explore your audiences it will show you the Potential Reach and indicate whether the audience is too specific or too broad. If it’s too specific, you might not reach anyone and your budget will go unused. 

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