Quick Tips: How Often Should I Publish New Content?

content schedule

Your branded content should always add value and have something important to say. The ideal publication schedule varies based on different criteria, but your content strategy should align with your organization’s overall business plan. Key initiatives throughout the year require specific content, so review the calendar and plan content for specific events:

  • Product launches or updates
  • Rebranding
  • Special events
  • Business development or sales goals
  • Partnerships

The frequency of publication depends on the medium and your business goals. For example, white papers or case studies that are designed to inform customers and prospects about a service or product are longer in length and require more effort to create and consume. We recommend publishing these documents on a quarterly basis. If your company decides to develop a blog, you should develop a publication calendar that includes at least two blog posts per month. An active social media presence requires a minimum of six posts per week. Keep these guidelines in mind when deciding which formats to use.

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