Quick Tips: My Content is Complete - Now What?

email marketing

Congratulations – your time and effort has paid off and you are ready to publish your content. Branded content is ideally suited for lead generation campaigns. Once the content is hosted on your website, you can use various tactics to drive readers:

  • Create a banner ad on your home page
  • Use a customized landing page
  • Promote it through an e-newsletter
  • Proactively pitch the content to media outlets
  • Leverage web ads and AdWords
  • Share the link on social media
  • Write a post on the company blog

Marketing software, like Infusionsoft, Hubspot and others, can help you track new leads. These powerful applications have many functions, including integrating with your website to capture visitor data and automating campaign communications and follow-up. Leads can be captured through embedded links, website forms for downloads and demo or meeting requests, or through complete lead nurturing campaigns. An experienced marketing agency can help you leverage this type of software to maximize the results of your content marketing.

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