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Does Your Mobile Site Create Friction?

mobile website

By Nikki Kowbel

Today’s Google Partners Connect webcast focused on creating an ideal user experience for mobile visitors. As we all know, mobile devices have made the most dramatic impact on the way people learn, shop, travel and communicate, and so it’s increasingly crucial to create a digital marketing strategy that accommodates mobile users.

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Social Ad Budget Tip: Narrow Your Target

targeted results

By Diane Charno

It’s easy to boost a post on Facebook to everyone, but to get the best engagement and results for your ads, you want to narrow your focus and target your best prospects. Don’t try to be everywhere or target everyone. That leads to wasted budget and less effective and relevant ads. Go where your customers are most active or where you’ve built up some engagement. This will depend on your objective and target. For example, younger people may be on Instagram, but their parents are on Facebook. 

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Need Advice? Ask a Rubber Duck

rubber duck debugging

By Jessica Gleason

When you’re stuck on a problem, it often helps to talk to someone about it. Sometimes they can offer some assistance or advice that can lead you to a solution. Now, if only we could harness this phenomenon without wasting other people’s time by asking them for help we don’t end up using. This is where a rubber duck comes in handy.  

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Ascedia Wins Outstanding Website in 2016 WebAwards Competition

webaward 2016

By Ascedia

Tags: awards

Ascedia's work with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism has been recognized with a 2016 Outstanding Website WebAward from the Web Marketing Association. This award reflects a continued partnership that helped attract visitors to the state of Wisconsin year after year. In July 2016, TravelWisconsin.com had a record-breaking 1.1 million sessions.

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