5 Alternatives to Google Site Search

google site search

According to b3net.com, approximately 30% of users prefer to use the site search functionality to find a product on a website. Having a robust search function on your website is ideal for user experience, but only if the search tool itself is effective.

Google Enterprise Search has recently announced it is retiring its in-site search application, Google Site Search, and Google Search Appliance, a secure and custom device for site search. Current users have until April 1, 2018 to find a new search tool for their websites. What are your options?


Google does have a few other options available out there, but are they what you're looking for?

If Google has your heart, you can continue with Google Custom Search; however, there are limitations. The Free Custom Search tool comes with search limits, ads, and Google branding. This option is best suited for small sites. Search Engine Land offers a great breakdown that shows you how the fee tool compares to Google Site Search.


If Google’s other options don’t work for you, there are many third-party tools that can easily be connected to your site.

  • SiteSearch 360 – Complete CSS customization for seamless integration. Includes analytics, pdf indexing and more. Learn more about SiteSearch 360 here: https://sitesearch360.com/#features
  • AddSearch – Great for smaller sites, as it’s reasonable in price and offers easy installation and analytics. Learn more about AddSearch here: https://www.addsearch.com/lp/google-site-search-alternative/
  • Cludo – A cloud-based solution that can work with secure content. Allows you to have full control over the system, search multiple data sources, and more. Learn more about Cludo here: https://www.cludo.com/en/
  • Coveo – An AI-powered search that delivers the most relevant content. Coveo is a great choice for those using Sitecore, Salesforce, and more. Ascedia has implemented Coveo for many of our clients – learn more here.
  • Swiftype – Crawls your site for you and offers autocomplete search. Rankings and weight can be adjusted and the tool offers robust analytics. Learn more about Swiftype here: https://swiftype.com/site-search

Whether you’re looking to replace Google Site Search or you’re just interested in improving your user experience with an enhanced search tool, our team can help! Contact us today to discuss your options.

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