Does Your Brand’s Voice Stand Out?

brand voice

Brand voice is what separates your company from the competition. The content you produce is typically all about WHAT you do; brand voice communicates who you are, WHY you do what you do, and what you’re like to work with.

In her presentation at Content Marketing World 2016, Ann Handley reiterated one of her five keys to developing a strong brand voice: “If the label fell off, would people know it was you?” In other words, if you cover up the logo on your website, do you sound like yourself or do you sound like everyone else in the marketplace?

The building blocks of brand voice include:

  • Tone
  • Word choice
  • Sentence and paragraph length
  • Use of analogy
  • Accessibility of content 

Slack has mastered brand voice, even turning their release notes into must-read content. Are there other brands whose voices stand out to you? Share your favorites in the comments.

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